16 Stupid Lottery Winners And How They Lost Their Money

8. Alex and Rhoda Toth

Alex and Rhoda Toth made crucial mistakes throughout their lives.

The worst was when they spent the little money they had back in 1990 on a lottery ticket. The Toths should have grown suspicious the moment the winning combination granted payments of $666,666 a year for a total of 20 years.

Other classic mistakes include omitting to pay taxes and failing to get a good grip of the way they shared the fortune with the rest of the family. The couple went as far as suing their son who became violent as he attempted to extort more money.

Years of erosion left the Toths bank account empty, and the two saw no option than to embrace a life of crime. From growing marijuana to dancing with the IRS, the two enjoyed their last years together in a trailer, most likely missing the fully furnished mansion they once owned.

Alex died just in time not to see Rhoda go to federal prison.

Who would give away all the lottery money?