16 Stupid Lottery Winners And How They Lost Their Money

9. Janite Lee

Being over-generous grants you good points only in the afterlife. Down on Earth, it leads you directly to bankruptcy.

South Korean immigrant and lottery winner Janite Lee did what most other lucky people would consider a monstrosity. She became a socialite, seeking pleasure from funding various ventures and flaunting herself at fancy dinner parties.

Lee busted an $18 million paycheck in under eight years. The highpoint of her shopping spree was giving money to the Bill Clinton – Al Gore campaign.

Janite Lee did not stop until she ended up with just $700 to her name. The bad news was that she had $2.5 million written as debt.

Will she play the lottery again? We can only assume this former lottery winner felt extremely uncomfortable not to finance Hillary Clinton in the past election.

The next lottery winner lost not only the money but also something even dearer.