Richest Celebrities And The Extravagant Ways They Spend Their Money

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Kendall Jenner – $18 million

Kendall Jenner is currently the best-paid model in the world.

The 22-year-old offered her socialite family another reason to be proud. After they put a monopoly on tabloids with the adventure of Kim Kardashian and Co., they spread a tentacle in the more demanding world of fashion.

Kendall might have a net worth of only $18 million, but that is expected to multiply a couple of folds in the years to come. Admired for her sting with Victoria’s Secret, Kendall recently switched for the competition, LaPerla lingerie.

Her betrayal was obviously dictated by the lust for heftier paychecks.
Which, in turns, Kendall squanders on … books.

Admit you are shocked to know Instagirls like Kendall read something other than one-line posts.

Kendall emptied her pockets of $2000 once in a library, making her fans question her sanity. Someone should remind her that wearing those hats with “nerd” written on them was not supposed to make you act like one.

The next celeb on the list spends like there is no tomorrow. Will he end up in bankruptcy?