Richest Celebrities And The Extravagant Ways They Spend Their Money

Justin Bieber – $250 million

Justin Bieber is said to be worth $350 million. Now that’s quite a lot of money for a brainless 23-year-old to splurge!

The Canadian musician became one of the wealthiest A-listers after making himself comfortable at the top of the charts. As with many of today’s pop stars, Bieber’s wealth derives primarily from selling records and concert tickets.

When the Bieb’s potential as an influencer for the young generations became obvious, everyone rushed to offer him advertising deals, including names like Adidas and Calvin Klein.

Cars are by far the biggest temptation for Justin. His endless collection includes a 997 Porsche Turbo, a Lamborghini Aventador, and even an Audi R8 covered in leopard print.

Why such an obnoxiously decorated model? Probably just to show he can throw out the window $200,000 without feeling sorry for it!

Bieber likes to keep a huge entourage around him, and the tab is not cheap. The star’s financial advisers expressed their worries when they confessed JB blows through $1 million a month.

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