Rare Historical Photos You Must See

Woman Pushing a Pram, 1938

Fashion is allowed to be strange, yet this is too much!

However, today’s designer shouldn’t be envious. The eerie fall collection of 1938 was nothing but a consequence of the war about to irrupt in Europe.

You see, this was not the latest trend, but merely equipment meant to keep both the mother and the baby alive in the case of a sudden attack. If gas masks long proved their usefulness, the pram looks more like a burning chamber or a coffin.

We have to give credit to the designer for the chimney and the small glass window at the top. Still, that doesn’t seem to be enough for the mother to comfort the baby when the bombs fall.

Rattling the cage didn’t help either!

Back in the old days, everyone was supposed to serve in the military. Celebs included!