30 Celebrities Who Went To High School Together

4. Adele and Jessie J.

“You don’t know you are going to be that when you are 16 and you’re eating your cheese sandwich on your break.”

That’s Jessie J. saying that she and colleagues Adele were clueless about the glory lying ahead. The two phenomenal singers shared the same school with another British star, Leona Lewis.

The prestigious BRIT School of London was also home for late Amy Winehouse. Nevertheless, she graduated years ahead of the formidable trio and settled her scores with life before her younger colleagues made it big.

Adele and Jessie J. did what every sound 16-year-old aspiring pop singer would do to maximize its shots at success – use each second of recess for rehearsal. If only the guys that bullied them for not obeying silence would have had a glimpse of what big shots they would turn one day… Most schools are meat grinders!

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