30 Celebrities Who Went To High School Together

3. Eddie Redmayne and Prince William

Can you spot the Oscar-winning actor and the Duke of Cambridge?

Contrary to what people believe, there are no special schools for Royals to isolate themselves from the mortals. However, there is something close enough – Eton College, Britain’s nursery for future successful individuals.

Despite being close pals and even playing in the rugby team, Eddie Redmayne and Prince William have not spoken to each other since leaving Eton. Naturally, people wanted to know more details?

Redmayne said two times “yes” when asked whether he saw the future King’s private parts and whether they got drunk together. The man that went home with a golden statuette for playing Stephen Hawkins in “The Theory of Everything” also added that everyone wanted to tackle the Prince on the field.

Redmayne and Prince William met at a fundraiser in 2015, and the flame instantly reignited. Isn’t it cute?

Our next stars that shared a school had no idea how famous they would become someday.