24+ Shocking Pics of Celebrities Then and Now

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Justin Timberlake – Now

Let’s go back to the glorious mid-1990s and the pop madness of the time.

Imagine someone coming behind your back and whispering that Justin from the “Mickey Mouse Club” will one day become one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Boy, would that sound hilarious!

Even when Timberlake started his gig with the NSYNC boy band, critics were still not ready to cut him some slack. That curly blonde-dyed hair of him spelled immaturity better than the Oxford Dictionary.

Do you recognize Justin on the next picture?

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Justin Timberlake – Then

But girls love it, and as that female fan base grew, so did Justin’s music. Embracing a solo career was the crucial swing that pushed him onto the firmament. Timberlake is shining from up there ever since.

Sometimes “then and now” pics can leave one feeling bitter.