24+ Shocking Pics of Celebrities Then and Now

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Jennifer Lopez – Now

Is J.Lo all natural?

Some say plastic surgery came along the way to help Jenny maintain that fresh figure and add extra centimeters to her violin-shaped body. Others are convinced it was all thanks to an army of dieticians and personal trainers.

Whatever the case, Lopez looks stunning despite her 48 annual growth rings. She didn’t always look this good. Take a look at “Jenny from the Block”

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Jennifer Lopez – Then

Active for almost 20 years at the top of the music charts, J.Lo. always looked back with respect at her early days.

Few people know that Jennifer already had some good years of acting behind her back when she decided to test the waters and ride the crazy pop wave of the late 1990s. Nevertheless, the diva settled for the music industry and left acting to those able to do it better.

Like with J.Lo, time has been kind to the next celeb.