24 Insane Wedding Fails That Are Hilariously Awful

When You Replace the Doves with Chickens

Obeying traditions is a vital part of the wedding ceremony. Without them, we would be savages, just like the couple in the photo.

What happened with the textbook doves that fly free and symbolize eternal bliss? Call us poets, but the featherless chickens send an entirely different message – the shackles of marriage are upon you. A lifetime of cooking, here we come!

“Say goodbye to KFC, dear! From now on, we will have only home cooked meals.” The philosopher who stated that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach would sincerely appreciate the firm commitment to a healthier diet.

As for the vegans in the audience, we doubt they felt comfortable seeing the spectacle. Seeing the lifeless chickens desecrated doesn’t justify making your wedding stand out.

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