20 Weird And Unusual Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

2. Ankole-Watusi

Just grab a photo of a normal-looking cow and take advantage of the Stretch tool.

That is how most of our readers envision the Ankole-Watusi breed of cattle first came to be. We hate to disappoint you, but this unbelievable animal is not the result of some elaborate Photoshop hoaxing.

These big-horned cattle are as real as it can get and are the direct consequence of selective breeding. Someone made sure the large horns pass down from bull to calf, in a lineage that made even the Devil jealous.

Derived from an African species, the Ankole-Watusi has bigger horns for an apparent reason – to protect itself from the world’s most efficient and ruthless predators – the ruthless big cats of the black continent.

The current record for horn circumference is slightly bigger than 100cm. We will not give the figure for the span because it scared us right. It is enough to say that the distance between the tips is typically bigger than the average height of an adult human.

The good news is that the Ankole-Watusi is thoroughly domesticated and does not tend towards violence toward the keepers. Not that we heard of!


via Watusi

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