20 Weird And Unusual Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Rhino Mice

Rhino Mice are real, and they are not what you think!

First, these mythical creatures are not the result of Photoshop wizardry meant to fool you. Second, they are not a distinct species, but rather a small group of mice that had malicious genes play a nasty trick on them.

Not only are these guys hairless, but also their skin is prone to develop wrinkles. That last piece of info should bring relief to you. No one shaved poor Jerry and gave him a long bath.

Would you keep as pet such an odd creature? The odds of scaring your friends who come to visit are extremely high.

The best thing about having a rhino mouse is that you don’t have to worry about your neighbor – the cat lady. Felines are meticulous enough not to include in their diet a creature whose claim to fame in the animal kingdom is unappealing.

The next creature has a distinct feature that will make you say more than “wow.”