Mind-Boggling Photos Of Celebrities Then And Now

Emma Watson – Now

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The evolution of Emma Watson leaves fans with mix feelings.

On the one hand, they appreciate puberty for taking its toll and morphing Hermione Granger into a first-class actress, and on the other, they dread getting older. Yes, more than 18 years separate us from the time when a shy Emma first auditioned for the role of the sassy know-it-all little witch.

You can bet your money that the 27-year-old British actress is not content with fans always putting her on a “then and now” list. “I look like a chipmunk” – that’s how Emma trashed pics like the one we have on the next page.

Emma Watson – Then

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We don’t think you look like a chipmunk at all Emma!

Who’s ready for a marathon of Harry Potter movies? Don’t forget to check Emma’s recent movies if you are more into grown-ups’ stuff.

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