20 Insanely Dangerous Social Media Challenges And Trends

1. Blue Whale Game

The Blue Whale is a mysterious online phenomenon that allegedly persuaded teens to commit suicide.

It all starts when an administrator of the game challenges you to wake up at 3 A.M and watch a horror movie. Next thing you know you badly want to complete all the remaining 49 daily tasks.

Acts like self-mutilation and running away from home conclude with the final challenge – to kill yourself. Stories go as far as youngster stopped in their tracks, just before jumping off buildings.

The name of the game is a clue to the last task you need to complete. Scientists consider an act of suicide when blue whales end up on beaches around the world.

However, some skeptics dismiss the Blue Whale as nothing but a joke meant to induce mass hysteria. Even this remote scenarios comes with danger attached – taking everything on the Internet for granted.

Blue Whale Game

via Tumblr

Coming up is a hilarious challenge that always creates a sticky situation.

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