20 Celebrities Who Might Run For President Of The United States In 2020

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry saluting the American public as their new President would be the best thing ever.

The White House is craving for its first female President, and we all want to see Perry perform at the highest of levels. Let’s explore together some fresh clues that the 32-year-old singer is ready for a major career shift in 2020.

Katy supported both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton throughout their campaigns, and pleasing the voters of the Democrat Party in Primaries would be a piece of cake. Katy kicked off her campaign early by sitting alongside George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. She dubbed that Instagram candy “42, 43, 46?!”

The only drawback of having Katy Perry as the next U.S. President is putting up with Left Shark as VP.

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