15 Most Bizarre Medical Treatments Throughout History

1. Tapeworms For Weight Loss

What if we tell you that having meter long tapeworms going through your body can be good for you?

Let’s start by saying that the method works. However, it is dangerous and gross enough to determine people to go for diet, exercise, or Photoshop.

Tapeworms work by hijacking the body and extracting nutrients from the food we eat. In some extreme cases, the parasites extend their damage beyond the digestive system and can even cause death.

The method was first used in the early 1900s and survived until today in some parts of the world. Yep, people pay good bucks to get parasites inside their body, just so that they can keep eating as much as they want.

Don’t be fooled. Replacing your dietitian with tapeworms is just to get you started. The next bizarre method will make you feel incredibly uncomfortable.

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