19 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

1. Peeling A Banana

A banana is the most innocent meal one can have.

However, the majority of people have been peeling it wrong the entire time. Blame popular culture or the instincts our primitive ancestors passed down to us.

Contrary to the established norm, it’s always easier to start with the stem. That way you don’t risk ruining the fruit’s perfect shape. No one wants to eat the yellow stuff when it’s all mushed and pointing down.

Enforcing the correct way to eat a banana might be the biggest challenge our society faced so far. Even those that know the awful truth are too afraid to go rogue in public. The reason?

Let’s just say that many dirty minds associate the banana with something else. Being different than the rest has the potential to send a compromising message.

Do you call yourself smart? Wait until you discover why people were always laughing at you and your soda.

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