19 Sexiest Women In Politics You Didn’t Know About

1. Mara Carfagna – Italy

Let’s start our list with Mara Carfagna, the world’s uncontested hottest female politician.

When Mara entered Parliament from Forza Italia Berlusconi declared that the party still practices the feudal law of “primae noctis.” Crude as it was, the joke was followed by another lewd remark. “If I was not already married, I would have married her immediately.”

Mara Carfagna served as the Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity between 2008 and 2011. People had a hard time focusing on her political work with pics of her existing all over the Internet.

Mara was a model and showgirl before running for public office.

Mara might be our personal favorite, but nothing restricts you from worshiping another sexy politician.

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