19 Crazy Times Social Media Killed Innocent People

2. Woman Perishes in Car Crash after Posting Selfie on Facebook

We all post selfies on Facebook, but most of us have the common sense of not doing that while driving.

For 32-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford, sharing her excellent mood with her hundreds of friends turned into a priority, one that distracted her decisively. Courtney lost control of the vehicle, which smashed, ultimately claiming her life.

“The happy song makes me HAPPY,” the woman wrote on her wall just one minute before the fatal crash. Naughty coroners should have added, “and smashing my car at 100 mph makes me DEAD.”

Courtney became a poster child for just how easy it is for social media to hijack one’s existence. The virtual world absorbed her to such a level she let her guard down and ignored the dangers of reality.

Until fully autonomous cars hit your local car dealer with reasonable prices, you’ll have to restrain yourself from Facebook while driving. No one will blame you for posting that selfie minutes later.

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