19 Crazy Times Social Media Killed Innocent People

1. Innocent Man Dies after His Poke Sparks Blinding Jealousy

“If you’re such a good friend why did you poke my missus?”

The Facebook “Poke” might be dead, but it took its toll on people that had no clue on how to use it properly.

Take a good look at Richard Rovetto, the man, the legend, the one that failed to understand the profound implication of Facebook technology. Poking someone else’s girlfriend is not nice, whether you do it IRL or on social media

Boyfriend Scott Humphrey lost it so badly he skipped the traditional Messenger insults and went on to punch his friend several times. Rovetto fell and hit his head, and the rest is written in the autopsy file.

The judge went mild on Scott. Such a fist fight is common among male friends, and only misfortune stepped in to make the case deadly.

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