18 Worst Things That Ever Happened At The Zoo

2. Harambe Gets Shot And Becomes An Internet Martyr

The killing of Harambe is by far the most viral killing that ever happened at the zoo.

The story is simple. A 3-year-old fell in the Gorilla World habitat and attracted Harambe’s attention. The 200 kg male dragged the defenseless toddler through the stream before they put him down.

It is safe to say that the zealous zookeeper did more than to shoot Harambe, one day after his 17th birthday. He practically divided the Internet in two, pushing people to choose sides in a fierce clash of arguments.

Even now, most people believe that the Cincinnati Zoo incident could have been avoided. While rabid fans turned Harambe into a martyr, a victim of other’s negligence, one thing is for sure. Visitors should remember that despite the fences, cages, and other safety features, any visit to the Zoo can turn nasty.

Not only kids put themselves in harm’s way and end up startling animals. Some adults make us wonder if we are truly the superior species here.

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