18 UFO Sightings That Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy

1. Kenneth Arnold’s Flying Saucers

What Kenneth Arnold viewed in the afternoon of June 24, 1947, made history and gave the unusual phenomenon its current name – flying saucers.

The private pilot witnessed a strange formation of disk-shaped vehicles flying over Mount Rainier, Washington at an incredible speed for the human technology of the time. Arnold’s story went viral, granting UFOs enough exposure to render today’s celebs jealous.

Kenneth Arnold was by no means the first one to signal something odd taking place in the skies. What made his story newspaper gold was that he was far from your average nutjob. The experienced pilot was also a businessman, and he backed his eerie encounter with reliable numbers regarding altitude, speed, or direction of flight.

Even more convincing was that his observation took place in broad daylight and excellent weather conditions. Unless Arnold was tripping on something strong, his eyewitness account is shockingly realistic.

Because the US Army denied having such flying vehicles in its arsenal, it was only a matter of time before people connected the dots and designated the drivers as otherworldly beings.

We all know how UFOs seem to have a weakness for the American soil, only this time it was the Belgians that went to sleep at night not knowing what was hovering above their heads.