15 Sorority Photos Show What Really Means To Join The Greek

2. When You Accidentally Join The KKK. It Will Be Fun They Said!

We can’t hope but notice that little Stacey on the right did not read the full “terms and conditions” of the sorority she joined.

Given her ethnic background, she made the worse decision possible. The Triple Kappa organization did not play nicely with minorities throughout its history.

Don’t let the costumes fool you. What you see is just their casual Friday attire. You can see them wearing their infamous white cloaks all the other days.

Our hopes and prayers go towards Stacey. Her white sister will most likely go hard on her, testing if she is prepared to make the commitment.

Who said that being part of a sorority is all fun and games? Take a look at the next strange custom that might make your daughter think twice!

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