15 Sorority Photos Show What Really Means To Join The Greek

1. When You Dress As Starbucks Coffee Cups

As you can, sorority girls obsess over Starbucks.

Nothing yells “I am in a sorority!” more than showing up in class 15 minutes after the teacher, accompanied by all the other sisters, each holding a huge cup of coffee.

The four girls in the image took their obsession to a whole new level. They volunteered to dress as coffee cups.

Take notes about this! You can hurt a sorority girl if you call her “fat” or “big-boned.” She prefers the label “Venti.” Of course, we don’t even consider the remote possibility of you dating a “Trenta.”

Stay tuned for even more photos that show just what it means to be part of a sorority. It’s more than having Greek letters on your shirt!

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