16 Scandalous Moments That Thrilled The Paparazzi

1. Britney Spears Attacks Paparazzi with Umbrella

Britney’s curious umbrella incident brings us back to a time when the iconic pop singer was tabloid gold.

Chased by a paparazzo that wanted a cleaner shot of her recently shaved scalp, Spears went berserk and used the improvised weapon to affirm her anger. She wrecked the car of celeb photographer Daniel Ramos before fleeing the scene.

Ten years later, the lucky victim is auctioning the infamous umbrella, promising to redirect half of the earnings for charity. An organization that teaches troubled women better umbrella fighting techniques is just one of the many that signed up for the giveaway.

Not only that, but someone had the bright idea of re-enacting Britney’s savage moment. ‘Britney Ever After’ refreshes our memories on the intensely-mediatized breakdown that followed the star’s failed relationship with Kevin Federline.

The next paparazzo was thrilled to capture on film savage evidence of domestic violence.

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