18 Mysterious Archeological Artifacts That Should Not Exist

3. Human-Neanderthal Hybrids

Not long ago, archaeologists were happy to go to sleep at night knowing that modern humans wiped the inferior Neanderthals out of existence.

A recent discovery made in a Romanian cave gave many of them nightmare material to last a lifetime. It seems that our less mannered cave cousins exit history in a rather surprising way, and left behind an unexpected gift.

Modern humans and the last of the Neanderthals bred, creating hybrid lineages we can trace to our modern times. How do we know that for sure? Below is the skull that offered scientists enough DNA material for a full analysis.

The results proved beyond doubt that forbidden love united individuals from two human species traditionally viewed as at war one against the other. On the other hand, we could call it rape.

One thing remains. Modern humans share a small percentage of the original Neanderthal DNA.

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