18 Mysterious Archeological Artifacts That Should Not Exist

1. Ica Stones

The Ica Stones are arguably the worst nightmare an archaeologist can dig out from the ground.

Since they emerged, the beautifully painted artifacts managed to divide the scientific community on a topic that hasn’t seen the light since the 19th century. The crazy Ica Stones are a bewildering kaleidoscope of drawings where dinosaurs co-exist with humans and modern technology.

Found in Peru in the 1960s, the stones seriously question the past of the planet as we know it. Is our species older than we thought? Did we overlook tens of millions of years of human history?

Creationists naturally welcomed the Ica Stones as the last piece of evidence that finally pushes Charles Darwin off the pedestal. For them, this is the ultimate proof the world is 6000 years old and that the dinosaurs perished after Noe’s flood.

What they fail to explain is the fact that the stones also depict complex surgeries and even people gazing through a telescope. What do you think?

Coming up is an entire prehistoric temple that shouldn’t exist if we believe what history books have to say.