18 Mind-Blowing Early Roles Of Famous Actors

1. Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Critters 3’

They all had to start somewhere, and for Leonardo DiCaprio, it was the pathetic third installment of ‘Critters.’

There is something about older horror movies that makes them look like comedies nowadays. You guessed right. It’s all about special effects that have become entirely overwhelmed.

‘Critters’ was Leo’s first contact with the big screen, one the actor is not exactly proud revoking. Back then, the 17-year-old was in no position to deny a role.

What’s remarkable is that Leo’s appearance in the 1991 horror came just six years before his breakthrough with ‘Titanic.’ Only a severe bout of nostalgia would make DiCaprio sign in for ‘Critters 5.’

They all have an awkward role to haunt them until the end. Check out the embarrassing debut of today’s most wanted actress!

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