18 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit

2. North Sentinel Island

Stranded in the middle of the Bengal Bay, the North Sentinel Island is another forbidden place you cannot visit.

That is because the few remaining native inhabitants of the island rejected with unprecedented violence and savagery any form of contact with the outside world. It means they are virtually one of the last populations untouched by modern civilization.

Although officially part of India, the North Sentinel Island enjoys a particular statute that sees the government limiting itself only to surveillance. The few photos we have of the Sentinelese and their prehistoric lifestyle come from the Indian Coast Guard.

Regular folks venturing on the island were not lucky! Reports of travel agencies sending their tourists into a deathtrap are not rare. Even the innocent fishers are roasted each time they approach the island’s treacherous shallow waters.

The photo below shows a savage shooting an arrow at one of the helicopters filming him.

Entering the next forbidden place will attract something much worse than wooden arrows coming your way.