18 Celebs Rumored To Be Illuminati Members

Kanye West lets the hands do the talk.

The 40-year-old rapper has such unusual stage antics both fans and haters came up with the same conclusion. West gives subtle clues that he is part of a mysterious organization that secretly controls our world – the Illuminati.

For performers like Kanye West, the role in the grand scheme is simple. They are mere foot soldiers, sent in the first lines of the showbiz world to distract the public from what is going on behind the scenes.

In the light of that conspiracy theory, modern music is nothing but a way of mind controlling the masses. It’s enough to look around! Children of all ages are reciting Yeezy’s lyrics and fall under the spell of his silly sense of fashion.

Check out the piece of jewelry West flaunted without fearing the backlash! You should know by now that the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid is the logo all Illuminati members venerate.

Kanye West Illuminati

via Genius

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