18 Celebs Rumored To Be Illuminati Members

Adele Illuminati

via I-D

Adele wants you to sign up with the Illuminati.

We couldn’t find a more plausible explanation for the confusing hand gesture, although we know some folks would find a better caption. Maybe Adele just made a helpful suggestion to bring some binoculars next time you attend one of her live concerts.

Not the 666 sign! Not Adele! Fans’ disappointment with the latest celeb that became a member of the highly influent secret organization is indeed heartbreaking. But there is nothing to do.

“Hello from the other side.” Adele’s lyrics make multiple disguised references to her now being part of the New World Order.

Look at the situation from the other end. The existence of Adele serves two purposes – to give fans someone to crown as their music idol and to act as a Trojan Horse for all sort of mind manipulation.

The next rapper left it all in the open. Is he really involved?