Celebrities Famous For Doing Absolutely Nothing

1. Snooki


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Snooki is on everyone’s lips, yet no one knows for sure what she did to earn a golden ticket to the high life.

The 29-year-old is the perfect example that the celeb world often works according to invisible and hard to guess laws. You would probably have better luck mastering alchemy than figuring out why society needs something like Snooki.

It all started with the phenomenal Jersey Shore. However, the accolades are for the incredible ratings of the show and not for the display of deviant behavior seen there.

Short and with an obsession for artificial tanning, Snooki attempted almost anything to remain famous. From writing books to fighting for WWE Raw, nothing scared the stocky brunette.

Some would say Nicole Polizzi changed for the better after the birth of her two children. We all know that deep down inside she will always be Snooki.

The next celeb went from striptease to businesswoman and back to striptease. Fans are obsessed with her!