18 Bone-Chilling Incidents That Defy Any Explanation

1. Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one bone-chilling account that can give vivid nightmares to even the most fearless mountaineer.

Nine ski hikers died in bizarre circumstances in the Ural Mountains, and people still fight over the most plausible cause. The official report says that an “unknown compelling force” had caused the deaths.

But enough with the paperwork! Something made the unfortunate souls tear the tent from the inside at the middle of the night and flee into the nearby forest without proper clothes. Even more unsettling is that one of the female corpses had her tongue and eyes missing.

Let’s line up the usual suspects for you to make a guess. Was it a horrendous military test, a bear maul, or just some aliens fooling around? Or maybe the hikers happened to camp in the living room of Menk (Russian equivalent of Bigfoot).

Next time you go up a mountain do yourself a favor and bring a gun, or at least write your will. Or, even better, don’t go at all!

We remain at sub-zero temperatures with another incident that is guaranteed to shock you.