18 Amazing Times When Animals Saved People’s Lives

1. Elephant Carries Little Girl Out of Harm’s Way

8-year-old Amber Owen will always remember her 2004 trip to Thailand.

However, her mind will never linger on the beautiful sandy beaches and delicious food. Instead, the little girl will always look back at how an elephant saved her from a catastrophe that claimed close to 300,000 lives.

It was December 26 when a violent earthquake triggered a tsunami of epic proportions. Amber was on the beach, enjoying the company of friendly Ning Nong, a four-year-old elephant trained to entertain tourists. When the sea began to act strangely, Ning Nong grew anxious, as his trainer tried in vain to calm him down.

Some speak about a sixth sense animals have regarding imminent disasters. One thing is sure. Once the waves hit the beach, Ning Nong sought shelter inland, carrying with him the terrified little girl, thus saving her life.

What made Ning Nong a hero? The elephant walked in meter-high waves and did not freak out. He deliberately searched for higher ground although the members of his species have no problem swimming.

Elephant Carries Little Girl out of Harm's Way

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