17 Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever

1. Trump Closing His Pen

Trump Closing His Pen

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The picture of Trump closing his pen opened a Pandora’s Box of Photoshop possibilities.

We know you’re excited to see what photo manipulation won the battle. However, force your mind to come up with your very own hilarious scenario before scrolling all the way down.

“Common, make oil!” Trump playing with tiny toy dinosaurs is probably the cutest thing the Internet offered us recently.

The American president didn’t withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement without thinking it all the way through. His plan is to repopulate the Earth with dinosaurs, kill them, turned them into oil, and fill the car tanks of the ones who voted him.

Or maybe the billionaire is still a kid at heart and plays with his favorite toys in between his Oval Office duties. Tell us, Donald, why does the orange T-Rex always has to win?

Trump Closing His Pen

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What comes next is a bit disturbing. Be warned!

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