Countdown: The 17 Richest Rockers of 2017

16. $235 million – Sir Rod Stewart

Sir Rod Steward is a rock star who doesn’t have to worry about his later days.

A musical career spanning decades garnished Rod’s bank accounts with $235 million. That’s enough to support even the most extravagant tastes, and good God we know the British singer has plenty of those.

Rod Stewart was knighted in 2016 for his incredible contribution to the music industry. With more than 100 million sold albums, the man nicknamed “Rod the Mod” dominated the UK and US charts with one hit single after another. That’s quite something for someone who started off in a band named The Hoochie Coochie Men!

Most of Rod Stewart’s wealth lies untouched, as the 72-year-old is notorious for being penny-pinching. Despite having an eyesight that reportedly deteriorated substantially over the last years, Stewart continues to buy supermarket specs, driving his ex-model wife insane.

Nevertheless, the music he writes shows no sign of compromising on quality.

Rod Stewart

via BBC

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