17 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible

The Boiling River of Shanay-Timpishka

The Amazonian jungle might be home to weird stuff, but nothing compares to the Boiling River of Shanay-Timpishka.

Stretching for only 6 km the Boiling River stands up to its name. Water can reach temperatures of up to 200˚, cooking anything that falls in it. Although the prospect of having a free jungle soup feeding you throughout your trek, the fear of falling keeps most explorers heading for cooler swim areas.

The Boiling River made it on our list of scientifically impossible places largely because the heating source remained unknown. The usual suspect for such a hellish natural phenomenon, volcanism, is far enough (400km) to be dismissed.

Did someone forge the hot water on? If yes, who’s gonna pay the bill?

Until the mystery is unraveled, local tribes will continue to enjoy the free jungle snack consisting of boiled animals and occasional National Geographic photographers. Oh, and yes, cannibals still inhabit the place.

Prepare to raise those eyebrows higher than Daenerys Targaryen! The next place is incredible!