Rare Childhood Photos Show Barely Recognizable Celebs

1. George Clooney

Who can bear the idea that George Clooney was once a toddler completely uninterested in breaking hearts and chasing skirts?

No one ever imagined that the Kentucky boy born into a strict Catholic family would grow up to become one of Hollywood’s most widely acclaimed figures. However, we should all agree that Clooney’s trademark smile could be traced back to those early years.

All kids are cute, but puberty often messes everything beyond the point of repair. Ever wondered whom to thank for the George Clooney we know today. Let’s just say that his mother was a beauty queen and his father a game show host and former anchorman.

Clooney had both the right genes and the culture of bolding claiming a place in the limelight. You can’t go wrong with those two!

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