Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Real

We all hate how the Internet is nowadays full of fake content begging for a click. See how the truth can be equally mind-blowing, as we reveal a list of photos you won’t believe are real.

Embark on a wonderful journey of breathtaking landscapes, fascinating individuals, and science-defying phenomenon, as bright colors and unusual stories decorate a part of reality you never knew possible. As you go along, always keep in mind that our hand-picked wonders are all checked and guaranteed to exist as you see them.

1. Namibia’s Painted Landscape

Namibia's Painted Landscape

via National Geographic

Although it’s hard to believe, this is not a painting of the French Impressionism.

Dead Vlei is the name of the place that created just the right context for this unusual combination of colors and textures. The orange background is not an artistic view of the starry sky, but a sand dune that faces the sun early in the morning.

The white material in the shade and the patches on the slope is white grass adapted to survive the harsh desert conditions in the Namibian wasteland.

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2. Jewel Corn

That is not a Photoshop masterpiece or a set of shiny pearls carefully attached to an empty cob. 

The story behind Glass Gem Corn is fascinating and reached light only due to the efforts of one man, an Oklahoma farmer named Carl Barnes.

Corn colored differently existed on American soil for quite some time. Because it rendered lower rates of productivity, it fell out of production.

The biggest effort was finding seeds of each type. Once that was achieved, it was just a matter of putting to work the well-known secrets of agriculture.

It is cool to know that seeds to grow your own rainbow colored corn also exist for sale, and the plant has no special requirements.

Although it’s hard to believe, there was no Photoshop involved in the next pic!