Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Real

3. That Should Be in the Water

If you think that this picture is wrong and that the yacht belongs in the water, you will be thrilled to know it doesn’t 

We will tell you the little secret before you start scratching your head to the point of spontaneous combustion.  How on Earth can a 150-meter yacht end up 50 meters above the sea level?

We are not talking about a real-life cruise ship, but about a hotel resort that was designed to look like a boat. More precisely, the hotel depicts a yacht from the Royal Caribbean International Sovereign Class.

If you are still not convinced and want to see it for yourself, the hotel can be found in Jeongdongjin (South Korea), overlooking the Sea of Japan.

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4. Namib Desert

Namib Desert

via NASA

While this could easily be a landscape from another planet, it is a picture from the dry riverbed of Sossusvlei River (Namibia).

Geologists still don’t know why the dunes are created that way, despite researching the area for decades.

The shot was taken on 7th January 2012 by Korea’s Kompsat-2 satellite and reveals the striking orientation of the dunes, perpendicular to the river bed. Also visible in the shot is a road and a popular tourist stop destination – Dune 45.

The white areas in the image are salt deposits accumulated over the course of million years. It’s cool to know that the Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and a place of many other wonders.

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