17 Nightmarish Russian Playgrounds That Are Totally Inappropriate For Children

1. The Simplest Way To Ruin A Childhood

Behold, the Russian way of scaring the innocence right out of the hearts of children.

Nothing ruins a mind like the time parents leave their offspring at the hands of the giant coming out from the ground. Even if therapy is successful in convincing you to sleep again at night, chances are your daily commute through the city will always avoid that creepy playground where you first saw the horror.

The two photos are clear to show that the bloodcurdling design is widespread. You will be shocked to know the advantages packed along with those crooked teeth and highly-realistic saliva.

Parents and the government joined hands and understood just how useful it is to them to short-circuit a typical childhood. 5-year-olds are tossing their toys and choosing long shifts in factories just to chase those vivid images away. Both the family budget and the Motherland is thankful for that!

The Simplest Way To Ruin A Childhood

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