17 Memorable Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions You Have To See

2. Kanye West

Kanye’s ripped crotch sparked a fierce debate all over the Internet.

Was the malfunctions part of the plan or did it occur in full accordance with the law that states celebs are bound to have such embarrassing moments? Let’s break the facts, shall we?

It would be mild to call West’s Yeezus Tour attire outlandish. The 39-year-old rapper wore a head-covering mask for most of the time spent on stage and throwing in some weird pants would not have been entirely out of place.

On the other hand, the artist started his Seattle show with the trousers intact. With designer’s clothes quality lowering significantly over the last years, Maison Martin Margiela bowed its head in shame.

Luckily, Kanye sported a solid pair of black boxers that denied the audience a far greater shock.

Subway ventilation is by far the leading cause of celeb wardrobe malfunctions.