14 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Ever

1. Nicole Kidman Claps Her Hands In a Bizarre Way

Nicole Kidman clapping her hands like a seal at the last Academy Awards manage to puzzle people more than the Best Picture controversy.

Being a cameraman at the Oscars is probably the toughest job in the world. With so many celebs packed into one place, focusing on details becomes a real issue. We should all take a moment and praise this incredible catch.

Nicole Kidman looked like someone who lost part of her motor functions. Nevertheless, the actress explained that the funny way of cherishing the winners was a result of her wearing expensive jewelry, which she did not want to harm.

Should we believe her? A most likely theory is that an alien parasite hijacked the body of the Australian beauty and still has to learn some of the controls.

The next hurt for sure and that’s why it is hilarious.

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