17 Most Charitable Celebs Of 2016

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

via AP

Taylor Swift did a lot of charity work in 2016.

No wonder she had no time for a new album. The 27-year-old pop icon appears to have a weakness for natural disasters.

Taylor Swift broke the rare six-figure barrier when she handed out a $1,000,000 check to the victims of the 2016 Louisiana floods. The star revealed she felt at home while touring throughout the Pelican State and had to do something for those affected by the deluge.

Swift concluded her generous year by pledging $100,000 for the victims of the 2016 Tennessee Wildfires. She made a remarkable appearance at Dolly Parton’s telethon.

“Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.” Even with so much money draining from her bank accounts to the needy, there would still be fans claiming she can do better. After all, Taylor Swift cashed in $170 million if we were to believe the guys at Forbes.

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