Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide And Failed

1. Eminem


via Eminem

Eminem was just 24 when he attempted suicide.

At the age when most youngsters are still stuck with their parents and trying to think of ways to pay college debt, Eminem already saw hell and came back to tell the story.

Before he hit big, Eminem had to struggle with poverty and the inability of giving his daughter Hailie the life she deserved. Being in a relationship with Kim proved to be a roller coaster for Eminem, and the failure of his first independent album “Infinite” made him spiral down even further.

Eminem attempted to end his life using an overdose of Tylenol. If would have succeeded, our world would have missed out on the most successful white rappers to date.

Suicide is a common occurrence in the Mathers family, and his more successful uncle probably acted as an inspiration for Eminem.

The next suicide attempt will shock you even more, mostly because it comes from a man we all perceive as powerful.

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