16 Celebrities Who Almost Died In The Most Horrible Ways

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

“The Revenant” was not the only time when Leonardo DiCaprio came dangerously close to death.

A bear maul is a hug when compared to the four other horrifying situations the Academy Award faced throughout his career. DiCaprio came agonizingly close to a bloodbath in 2014 when a Great White shark jump made inside his protective cage.

Something tells us this was worse than letting go of the raft in “Titanic.”

Diving doesn’t seem to be the lucky sport for Leo. On a separate occasion, his oxygen tank leaked, and he was helped to reach the surface by fellow Hollywood actor Edward Norton.

The 42-year-old had another scare when a plane engine blew with him on board, and he had to go through an emergency landing. Nevertheless, the actor reserved #1 on his list for the ridiculously scary moment when his skydiving jump almost turned deadly because both parachutes didn’t open.

No, he didn’t learn how to fly! His partner for the tandem managed to untangle the cords, unfortunately not in time to avoid a rough landing that almost broke their bones.

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