13 Celeb Photos Ruined By A Photoshop Mastermind

1. Rihanna

Who doesn’t dream of having Rihanna leaning on his shoulder?

Peeje T made all his friend jealous when he came up with such a pic on Instagram. Not only the Photoshop job is flawless, but also the body positions are highly realistic.

Rihanna seems to enjoy herself in the company of the man that became an Internet celeb once he put his graphical skills to good use. He apparently forgot about violent boyfriend Chris Brown, who is seen lurking in the background.

Peeje T is not the only commoner who pictured himself amongst star. What separates him from the average high school computer geek is the attention towards details. Just look at the second photo in which he feeds Rihanna some goodies.

Many say Peeje T is asking for it. A black eye is coming his way, and Chris Brown will not escape jail this time.

Can you guess the next celeb that had its pictures hijacked?

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