17 Amazing Hoaxes That Fooled People Throughout History

1. The Cottingley Fairies Hoax

Cottingley Fairies

via Wikimedia

Let’s travel back to 1917, the year when two little girls managed to convince the world that fairies exist.

Elsie Wright (16) and Frances Griffiths (9) from Cottingley, England decided to give reality a magical twist. Five photos appear to depict small creatures playing carelessly in the grass alongside the girls.

It was not easy being a prankster a century ago. With no Photoshop around, the two cousins got busy crafting cardboard cutouts.

What amazes the most is the number of people that fell for it. The hoax they perpetrated was good enough to stay in the headlines and even convince Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of its authenticity.

The mystery surrounding the Cottingley Fairies survived until the 1980s when the two decided to end the game. Can you imagine the old ladies whispering the truth from their deathbeds? There must a special place in hell for liars that don’t know when to stop.

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