16 Most Weird And Unusual Celebrity Hobbies

4. Taylor Swift – Crafts Snow Globes

Taylor Swift is watching the rest of the celeb world from a stratospheric position. However, her unusual hobby is down to earth and cute.

When she is not busy entertaining the millions or counting her millions, Swift spends time crafting festive jars. You have all the rights to be confused. That is a more fancy way of saying she creates hand-made snow globes.

The phenomenal singer is never alone, and her weird hobby brings the whole crew at her place. We talk about her friends and not about her sound crew, although those senseless bastards would deserve such torture.

It’s relatively straightforward to build momentum for the holidays like Taylor Swift does. All you need is a jar and a bit of imagination regarding what to stick inside. It’s a bit too late for pickles so do as a favor and go for something more Christmas-related.

You will be happy to know that the next hobby also inspired fans.