15 Most Weird Family Photos Featuring Pets

1. Weird Family Photo Leaves Youngster With No Chance To Get Real Pussy

We have a hard time deciding what is worse in this shot.

On the one hand, we have mom’s crooked eye, and on the other we have innocent felines dragged into one of the most awkward family photos ever.

Trust us when we tell you that pets build up hate inside each time you flash them. Cats and the light share a very special kind of relation and exposing your self-cleaning balls of fur to the horrors of modern photography is not a nice gesture.

One thing is sure. The photo ruined the boy’s life. Did it ever cross your mind that your family album might contain one of these “gems?” Throw the whole thing away before it hits the Internet.

Trust us that girls don’t like the kind of men accepting to take weird family photos with pets.

Even worse than embracing a pussy is showing the world your cock. Check it out!

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