16 Wealthy Celebs That Refuse To Help Their Poor Siblings

3. Alec Baldwin

The three less famous Baldwin brothers look like failed clones of Alec.

And a quick glance at their personal lives shows us just why the Hollywood star has seconds thoughts about getting them out of trouble or landing them a couple of bucks.

In 1998, Daniel Baldwin was found running naked through the halls of New York’s Plaza Hotel shouting “Baldwin!” Police arrested him for possession of cocaine, and he had no option but to admit his addiction.

Youngest brother Stephen is another disgrace for the family name. Not only was he forced to declare personal bankruptcy in 2009 but also his is now millions of dollars in debt.

As for William, he joins the other two as a mediocre actor with no other talent than to share a family tree with one of Hollywood’s big shots.

Check out just how disgusting sibling feuds can get!